The SEO community spends too much time thinking about reverse-engineering search algorithms and not enough time about understanding the search environment.

Michael Martinez, SEO Theory

[The name SEOmoz came] From our desire to be open and transparent with SEO in the early days (when sites like dmoz, chefmoz, mapmoz, etc. were around)

Rank Fishkin, Moz

Link building is something anyone can accomplish. There's no great secret, just hard work, creativity, and determination to get links that matter.

Jon Ball, Search Engine Watch

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"Link manipulation techniques that may have worked 4 years ago are now detrimental."

Adam Stetzer, Search Engine Watch

What is negative SEO?

What is negative search engine optimisation (SEO) and can competitors use it to hurt your rankings? Negative SEO refers to a process by which black-hat search marketers attempt to incur algorithmic penalties for their competitors, by performing techniques which are against Google’s guidelines on their competitors’ websites. In years gone by, Google has insisted that […]